How Can Dog Obedience Training Techniques Be Made Enjoyable?

09 Aug


 Most people ignore the thought of training their dog.  To successfully train a dog, it requires a lot of repetition and a lot of time. In case you didn’t know, dog training is a fun-filled activity. At this point I know you are keen to know ways of training your dog and also enjoy the experience. This is possible, and you should remember that dogs are all different and owners should apply a variety of techniques to analyze the response from the dog in all the various methods, click here.


Reward training is the most enjoyable methods.  Reward training reinforces the dog training. The method includes commanding the dog which is followed by a reward if the command was well understood.  Anyone training a dog should know that to reward a dog after it performs a command correctly is a reality.  In reward training, clicker training is most popular of them all.


During dog training when a command is given by the trainer or owner, to acknowledge the action the clicker sound is produced. When the clicker training starts, when the click sound is produced a treat accompanies it.  This way the dog knows that the only sound he should listen out to is the click sound.  You can after some time remove the treats and leave the clicker sounds to strengthen the training.  However treats are good as they reinforce the training.  It is recommended to produce excited voices or pat the dog on the head if you want to achieve desired results and it make it fun-filled.  Many kinds of dog training use reward training and its success is largely dependent on the treats.  Your dog will enjoy training more if you use the kind of treats your dog likes.

Agility training is the other fun-filled training method. Most dogs like this kind of training.  This method of dog training requires high discipline levels if the training has to be successful. However this kind of training is not favorable for big dogs.  In agility training, a lesson is set up, and the dog is expected to go over the impediments within a certain time framework. The barriers include wall climbing, jumping over fences, crawling through tunnels and other kinds of impediments.  It is important to have the dog owner during the training since most dogs will tend to take their owner’s commands better.  When the dog training starts, leasing guidance to the dog is vital.  This motivates high levels of obedience in the dog because it knows it is important to obey commands from their masters as well as teamwork proficiency. Find out more now from Columbia dog training.

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